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Reviews Make Our World Go ‘Round!

At Dancing Bear, we truly appreciate each and every review we receive. Our staff and management make sure to check them daily, and the kind words we receive make our jobs more enjoyable. Every now and then, however, we receive a review that leaves us all with a grateful smile on our face. Thank you, Dee, for taking the time to leave us such a well written and thoughtful review. We appreciate your attention to detail, and it is reviews like this that keep us positive even during the hardest times.

“When going out for fine dining, I often have a feeling of uneasiness because I know it will be a little pricey, but what if it isn’t filling? Or what if the food isn’t to my liking? I want to tell you about Dancing Bear Bistro and tell you how wonderful and perfect this place is. First of all, this isn’t a restaurant. This is a bucket list destination. It’s so much more than food. It’s a beautiful mountain lodge with a huge roaring fireplace, cozy nooks for intimate conversation, beautiful landscaping with fire pits and outdoor seating to enjoy the mountain air while sipping on a delicious cocktail or some gourmet coffee. The dark, windy lane that leads you to the restaurant builds excitement that you have discovered something exclusive and magical, filling you with anticipation of what you are about to experience. It appeals to all the senses, giving customers a relaxed, upscale atmosphere that fills your soul with awe that you are lucky enough to be in this place. Next, the service is unmatched. I don’t mean that they cater to your every need (which they excel at)… 20 other upscale restaurants in the area do that. But Dancing Bear does something I’ve never experienced before. Here, your server tells the story of the chef’s creations in great detail and leads you down a path of desire to sample what has been so carefully selected for you to experience. Aileen was our server and she got to know our group, learning our likes, then developed a custom experience of cocktails, wine pairings, and taught us the subtle details to look for in every entree, garnish, and sauce so that we each could get the most perfect taste sensations possible out of each dish. Aileen was so intelligent and witty, matching our energy and becoming part of our group, whose effort alone was worth the cost of the meal. We never felt like the goal was to upsale us and extract money from our pockets… we were educated on how fine dining should be enjoyed, like a good friend would introduce you to their passion so you can enjoy it with them. It is so hard to put into words how this business was so good at what they did, that it didn’t feel like a business at all. I am so impressed with the location, people, and food here that it makes me want to bring all of my closest friends to share in its splendor. We shared our entrees with each other, indulging in the buttery, perfectly cooked filet mignon paired with a savory Bordeaux, the juicy Springer Mountain chicken, with the crispy crust that is a little sweet and spicy, paired with a delicious Italian garganega white wine that gave subtle apricot, elderflower, and lavender notes. I had no idea what any of that was before I dined here. Our server even took the time to write down the names of the wines we sampled so we can enjoy them at home, again showing a level of care for customers like you would do for close friends or family. When we left, I felt like more than my stomach was full. My my mind was filled with food knowledge and a wonderful romantic memory with my wife, and my soul was full of love for this place and its people. Our meal was $150 but worth so much more. I almost didn’t put the cost in the review because it became unimportant, something you wanted to give to the establishment so this amazing place can continue to provide others with a dining experience that transcends anything you have felt before. Make Dancing Bear Bistro part of your life memories. You won’t be disappointed.”

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