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Smoky Mountain Cabins– The Perfect Winter Getaway

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Dancing Bear in Winter

Are you considering a Smoky Mountain cabin vacation? The Great Smoky Mountains are majestic in any season. Of course, their popularity seems to peak in the fall months when visitors can find themselves surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors splashed across every tree in a scenic 360-degree view. Or even in the spring when temperatures accommodate comfortable hiking expeditions warmed by a mild, friendly sun. But if you haven’t seen these gorgeous Smoky Mountains in winter, you’re really missing out, and here’s why. We’re going to share with you our top 5 reasons to visit Dancing Bear Lodge in the glory of wintertime for the quietest, coziest cabin rental getaway you never knew you needed.

Smoky Mountain cabin getaways are perfect for wintertime! Come see us at Dancing Bear Lodge in Townsend TN.

1 – You Can Get Cozy

Winter sometimes gets a bad rap, and yeah, yeah, we get it. It’s cold. It gets dark early. But winter is arguable the most ideal time to stay in a rustic cabin in the mountains. I mean, come on. Cozy fireside cocktails? Hot tub nights? Heaps of blankets on the four-post bed? Snuggles with the one you love the most? What could be better? Just picture it. You’re picturing it, aren’t you?

2 – Enjoy the Quiet

The thing about winter is things seem to slow down a little, get a little– more serene. The winter months are the perfect time to take a mini vacation. A long weekend away from the fast-pace of everyday life can really work wonders for the brain, body, and soul, and honestly we could all benefit from a little of that. So plan a trip, do a little soul searching, wander in the wintery woods and let the mountains lull you into a peaceful state of being.

3 – Winter Hikes are Underrated

Avid hikers hike year round, of course, but those who enjoy the occasional hike now and then may be less likely to seek out the opportunity during the winter. This is a mistake! There’s something truly magical about hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains in winter. The trees are bare, which means you can see deep into the forest for an experience so unlike one you’d have in the spring or fall. This increased visibility also means you have a higher chance of seeing some beautiful wildlife during your romp in the woods.

Enjoy your winter Smoky Mountain cabin vacation with delicious Bar of the Bear craft cocktails at the bar, or by a roaring fire in your room!
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4 – Warm Your Bones With Spirits

The Great Smoky Mountain region is famous for its moonshine! Warm up with delicious cocktails or wine from the Dancing Bear’s Appalachian Bistro. We’ve got a full menu of specialty drinks for you to indulge in during your stay with us. You can venture out to nearby distilleries and wineries in the area for sampling, or stay right here with a tasty beverage at our beautiful bar or warm and cozy in your room.

5 – It’s Off Season

We are mildly confused about why, but really the winter months are the off season for travel, and that comes with some inherent benefits. One benefit to visiting us in the off season is simply that we’re less busy! There are less people bustling around, and less traffic in general in the area. Also, the rates are lower! Why not save a little cash on your getaway by planning to go on less popular days?

We hope you’ll consider visiting us this winter. Dancing Bear has its charms all year long, and we want you to experience them for yourselves. Check out our available lodging here, and start planning your wintery mountain vacation today!