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The Wall Street Journal – Food & Drink: ‘America’s Most Satisfying Salad’

Chef Shelley Cooper is quoted by The Wall Street Journal’s Food & Drink section for an article titled America’s Most Satisfying Salad.” Here is an excerpt from the Sept. 2018 article by Louisa Shafia about Kilt greens, the Appalachian salad doused with delicious bacon fat:

“Also known as killed lettuce, this unabashedly indulgent sort of salad hails from Appalachia. ‘It’s a warm bacon salad, or wilted greens,’ said Shelley Cooper, the chef at Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro in East Tennessee. ‘It’s just we call it kilt.'”

TOTAL TIME: 20 minutes SERVES: 4

In a large salad bowl, toss 8 cups torn crisp lettuce, such as iceberg or a mix of mâche, arugula and young romaine, with 2 whole scallions, finely chopped. In a skillet over medium heat, fry 4 bacon slices until very crisp, then transfer to a paper-towel-lined plate to drain. Remove skillet from heat. Pour ¼ cup apple cider vinegar over lettuce and toss. Pour warm bacon grease from skillet over dressed lettuce and toss again. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Crumble bacon over greens and serve immediately.

—Adapted from “Victuals” by Ronni Lundy (Clarkson Potter)

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