At Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro, we strive to create uniquely memorable Appalachian cuisine that not only tastes amazing but also, “feeds the soul.” When you dine with us, you’ll be taken on a culinary adventure that is complemented by the beauty and naturally relaxing ambiance of the Great Smoky Mountains, at every turn.

Staying true to her Appalachian roots, Executive Chef Shelley Cooper takes great care and when sourcing the ingredients she uses in her continually evolving, innovative dishes, in order to provide only the freshest and highest quality products available. 

Some of these ingredients come from our very own garden on the Dancing Bear property, such as these crops that are currently thriving: a variety of long beans, butternut squash, basil, okra, and banana, jalapeno & bell peppers.

Whenever possible, other ingredients are seasonally sourced from local vendors, including:

Larry Claborne: Sorghum & honey

JEM Farm: Pigs & goats

Caleb Carlton: Sweet potatoes, radishes & delicate lettuce

Iris Leung: Soybeans, purple potatoes, fingerling potatoes, Yukon potatoes & Dutch baby potatoes

Farms of Avalon: Rabbits

Wanda Bryan: Beets, carrots, tomatoes, collards, eggs, blackberries & turnips

Spencer Mountain Mennonite Farms: Squash, zucchini, and purple/ green/ savoy & nappa cabbages

Mayfield Farm & Nursery: Peaches

Sandabama Farms: Corn 

Using only fresh, local, high-quality ingredients elevates Chef Shelley’s innovative cuisine even further and provides an opportunity for our guests to uncover a story behind their dishes. To make reservations for your Appalachian culinary adventure, book online or call (865) 336-2138 today!

Fried Jalapeno Appetizer
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